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Andy Wang aka Noonmoon | on Tumblr (China/Canada) - The Hiding-in-the-Wrong-Place Club

Illustrator and graphic designer Andy Wang graduated from Emily Carr University with a degree in communication design in 2010. Founder of Noonmoon, he believes in dreaming and thinks that lucid dreams can aid us in our search for answers and design solutions. The Hiding-in-the-Wrong-Place Club is an illustrative series that he has created that reflects his love for travel and food: “Being a traveler myself, I’ve always been fascinated by the different cuisines offered by the different cultures I encounter during my world journeys. The Hiding-in-the-Wrong-Place Club members are reflections of myself. They are there in that culture and melding with the locals by hiding in their food.” The Hiding-in-the-Wrong-Place Club is exhibited during the Cultural Expo happening in Shenzhen, China.

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